Garett frowned as he tasted the food. He looked at others for reactions. Moira looked at him and knew what he wanted to say.

Ferris kept eating.

“This is terrible!” Garrett said.

“I didn’t expect the food to be so bad, perhaps they should fire the cook. How can anyone eat this shit?”

The manager, after listening to Garrett, apologized profusely, offered a complimentary drink and got all food replaced.

“I think Ferris enjoyed it. Man, are you used to eating stuff like this?”


“Then why are you eating it?”

“As long as it doesn’t make me sick and I am hungry, I’ll eat what is served. Don’t blame the food, it is the cooking that is at fault. The cook maybe having a bad day. Nobody makes bad food intentionally.”

“Wow, you forgave this random guy who screwed our evening so easily. Why didn’t you do the same to Eka? She never meant any harm”

“Garett, where are going with this? Its not even related!” Moira said.

“No, it is. Mr. Kind here likes to forgive strangers for spoiling their food but spared no insult on that poor girl, Eka. Just because she didn’t like him as much as he wanted. Because she chose someone else?”

“At least now she’d have no doubt about her choice.” Ferris said.