By day, I write code. At night, I make art and paint with words.

Like everyone else, I fall asleep repeating ideas, that struck me in bed, to avoid forgetting them. But unlike many, I suspect that the geyser conspires to watch me run out of hot water. I lower my voice until it’s incomprehensible when I am wrong or uncertain. If the conversation is about dogs, I am never wrong. I may wear headphones and play no music to keep the noise out. Inadvertently my tongue sticks out to help me concentrate. After ensuring that no one is watching, I will jump the last two flight of stairs.

I am the kind of person who hates the caps lock key and loves Emacs. An affection to type systems and typefaces makes me read a lot about them. If you read XKCD or love The Matrix we should be friends.

My Evernote is filled with #ADHD tips. To-do lists are deleted at month’s end.

I’d be happy to get in touch.