The Abilene Paradox

Can fear be squashed like a bug?


In an Abilene paradox (or Road to Abilene) a group of people collectively decide on a course of action that is counter to the preferences of many (or all) of the individuals in the group.


Why is it so sad and dry?

First REaDEr

…tell me what kind of things do you remember the most? Surely, the highs and lows. Things that you associate with something. I am not talking of what you had for lunch yesterday. What about last year? What if you hear yourself telling that last year, same time you felt disturbed and couldn’t concentrate on the food? Would you believe a suggestion in your own voice? Like they say, not all memories are created equal.

Flying Aquarium

I imagine that fish have no word for water.


It was Ferris’ first job. He was excited about everything from finding a suitable cubicle to the first paycheck.