Inspiration comes in many forms, the degree of which varies. When a person inspires us, there is a want to become like that. Also, there is a doubt that we may not be as inspirational.

This sets a bar. We constantly compare. Out of those who try, few persist, fewer succeed. The focus is driven by wanting to do something. The result is means everything. People get restless with slow progress and seek instant accomplishment.

What happens next is amusing. At some point of time we start to obsess over the person. Our interest moves beyond the work, into personal lives. We wonder how greatness is achieved. This makes us devour all available information. Then we see patterns and discover similar people.

The knowledge of what leads to success makes us feel smarter. But it does not change behavior. It may give some excuses. People always look for a story behind extraordinary. We are not content with “I do it for fun!”. We hear about personal tragedies, extreme conditions, sheer talent and unreasonable opportunities that contributed to success.

Those who inspire, talk about grit and determination. Some rule out money or fame as motivators. They ask others to pursue dreams and do what you love. Those who make excuses, tell themselves that talent can not be acquired. Here the ordinary restricts itself. It remains ordinary until challenged.