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Turning unreasonable anxiety into unlikely ideas

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ज़रा सी थी अनबन वक़्त से मेरी

वो मेरे आगे आगे ही चला हरदम

बड़ी देर तक चला, बड़ी दूर चला

बमुश्किल मैं तुमसे दूर हो सका

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क्यूं हसरतों के जाल में फसते हो रोज़ रोज़

जो तुमको था पाना, वो दीवाना है किसी का

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क्या हुआ फायदा समझा के खुद को

वो शक्स चला गया, बस खयाल रहा

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इतने जो मसरूफ़ दिखते हो

किसपे नज़र रखते हो

किसकी खबर चाहते हो

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खुद को दो तसल्ली, करो उसपे ऐतबार

पल भर का है धोखा, बिखरोगे बार बार

light flight bird flying

ऐसी भी कमी लोगों की नहीं

बात चले कहीं से रुके तुम पे

light flight bird flying

ऐसी भी कमी लोगों की नहीं

बात जो आकर आप पे रुके

Magnets & Porcupines

It was a busy Sunday morning at the zoo. Many people had come to see the new animals that were up for display. Among the new additions, was a prickle of porcupines. Porcupines, mostly nocturnal, were annoyed by the sunlight and attention showered upon them. With help from a group of young volunteers, the zoo staff constructed a wooden hut inside the enclosure to keep the porcupines.

30 Something

30 Something Maverick

“A sudden smile is like a gentle sneeze, it relieves you and is best unnoticed. Laughter is like a fart, relaxing for you but awkward for others.” The performer paused looking for any reaction from the audience. Fewer people were laughing than the one cracking jokes. This was not what the organizer wanted. With a room full of people who paid for the event, something needed to be done and quick. As if a stroke of genius hit the organizer, she went up the stage and announced, “It is time to include you, our guests in the experience. We’ll randomly select a name from the guest list. She or he will get a chance to perform and an opportunity to win prizes.” In front of her was a glass jar with folded papers. She picked one and said, “The lucky person to get this chance is, Oved!”
“Oved, please come up on the stage. A large round of applause for Oved, everyone”
As the audience clapped in relief, Oved got up, hesitantly, from his seat. He stepped up on the stage and was blinded by the lights.
“Hello, Oved!” Peony handed a microphone to him.


मैंने कल एक कील खरीदी

आखिर कितना वक़्त गवाता,
उलझन से कब तक मुह फिराता
चुनकर एक हज़ारों में,
मैंने कल एक कील खरीदी

“दो कौड़ी की कील है ये तो”
एक नज़र देख, दोस्त ने बोला
चाचा कितना ही चुन के लाये
एक साल न कपड़े टिक पाए

Cape Disappointment

How to move Cape Disappointment

As an introvert, the last thing I like to do is express myself. I spend time finding ways to avoid stating things as they are. Eventually, they come out sugarcoated or sarcastic. My expressions end up indirect, far from the point and thus confusing to others.

So, after a day of introspection, I decided to write a post about myself. I opened a new document, typed ‘Dissappointing’ and instantly, the spell-check was disappointed. Apart from spell-checkers and compilers, I have been disappointing people from a long time. So, here’s a guided tour of [my] Cape Disappointment.

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